The STEAM Lecture Series at OSU

Science and faith.  Are they really as mutually exclusive as they’ve been made out to be?  We don’t think so.  Science seeks merely a description of the world we live in, while faith asks why.  They can work hand in hand to answer some of the biggest challenges and questions facing us today.  Questions of our future, of our past, of ourselves.  We want to bring faith back into those conversations.  What you find might surprise you—join us for the ride.

Here is a list of the lectures we have planned.   Details for future events are tentative.

March 2017
The Future of Work:  Technological Innovation, Economic Disruption, and Human Dignity

How can multiple disciplines—including business, economics, political science, and theology—work in concert to mitigate the economic and social disruption of technological innovations in the workplace?  How might such innovations affect the national economy and the livelihoods and dignity of the American worker?

October 2017
What is Love?

We’re all familiar with love—our culture is saturated with references to it.  But what is it exactly?  Is it just a matter of the mind?  Is it nature’s clever way of promoting selfish interests? Is there anything transcendent about it?  A geneticist, psychologist, philosopher, and theologian on how they define love, how it’s more than a feeling, and how the difficult work of loving others is realized.

September 2018
Living and Dying Well:  Life in the Light of our Mortality

We will all die, yet death and the process of dying are taboo topics in our culture. In fact, many people face death without ever fully considering how they would like to die (i.e., in hospice, at home, on pain meds, etc.), or even more importantly how to live in light of their own mortality. How should we live knowing that we will one day die? Can we prepare for death? Are there “ethical” or “unethical” ways to die? What is (or should be) the goal of medicine when treating patients at the end of life?